What Is Email Marketing?

So we’re all used to the terms; ‘marketing this – marketing that’, but what on earth do they mean?

Well today we’re going to explore email marketing.

We will focus on what it is and then in a future article; explain the many benefits that it can bring to one’s business.

I’m guessing you already know what an email is so…

What Is Email Marketing?

In its broadest sense email marketing is the collective of marketing campaigns, sent out to customers who subscribe to a list. The aim of these campaigns is to generate a profit for your business by selling products.

I will explain these goals in further details below.

What Are The Goals of Email Marketing Campaigns?

Depending on your business structure and the type of products that you’re selling, there are several goals, most of which you can use at the same time.

Here is a general list of the aims and objectives of a standard email campaign:

Event Invitations

Send your customers reminders of upcoming appointments/events/seminars and improve your attendance rates ten-fold. You can also embed URLs in your emails for attendees to click to confirm their attendance.

Email Marketing Explained Event Marketing Campaign Kris Cook Consultancy

This will help to plan out the event by knowing both the number of attendees and their specific needs.

Customer Reviews

Get personalised reviews from your current clients, leading to a greater level of trust from new customers. By building detailed surveys you can also embed them within an email and gain valuable feedback. Key for future development.

Company Updates

Share relevant news with your customers with methods that are both quick and cost-effective. This method is especially useful in situations such as; a product update, changes to privacy policy and new company details.

Grow Your Social Following

Email Marketing Explained Social Media Campaigns - Kris Cook Consultancy

Looking to build a new social media following? Even build upon one you’re already active in?

Do so in one simple step – send an email to all your existing subscribers and ask them to follow you on your chosen platform. To get a better response offer a ‘sweetener’ to the deal.

New Products/Services

What’s the best way to show your new products to your customers? An email campaign will result in little extra cost, and you will generate needed curiosity. It also means that you can drive traffic to your landing page, increasing sales faster than any other method.

Cart Abandonment

Recent general studies show that around 7 out of 10 users will abandon their cart before checking out. A great way to win these customers back is to trigger an autoresponder email. This re-engages the user by sending their cart, as a saved link, straight to their inbox resulting in a greater turnover.

Customer Care

Setting up phone lines and hiring employees to guide customers through their concerns can be expensive, especially as a small business.

So what is the alternative? Email auto-responders.

Emails allow your customers to detail their problems whereas telephoning customer care is often limited to pre-defined options already set-up on an answering system. Email also removes the expectations of an instant result, which gives your team breathing room to answer. It also cancels out the need to keep your customers waiting on an endless customer service loop.

Build Trust

The fundamental reason for building an email subscribers list is the ease in which you can build business relationships. This goes for both clients, customers, suppliers and your audience in general.

The personalisation of an email sent straight to a users inbox far exceeds the impersonal touch of direct mail. Not only that, but the price is a lot cheaper and has a much higher conversion rate.


With the potential of email marketing there’s 3x the amount of email accounts as there are Facebook and Twitter profiles combined.

Because of this you’re 6x more likely to get a click-through from an email than a Twitter message.

And that right there, is Email Marketing explained.

To find out more about the benefits of email marketing for small businesses view this post here.

If you are still unsure of how email marketing can benefit your business leave a comment below.

On the flip side, if email marketing is working for you, let me know which types and why.

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