The History of Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

In recent years, the buzz around “content marketing” has grown. Content marketing-specific jobs are springing up everywhere. More than ever, businesses understand that without a detailed content strategy, they’re as good as dead.

Have a look at this steep slope from Google Trends:


But content marketing isn’t new. Certainly not as new as this graph would suggest.

Businesses have been producing content to create hype and desire for their solutions for a very long time. What’s new is the technology and channels we use to distribute this content.

Content marketing has a rich history, and the folks over at Content Marketing Institute have put together this gem to tell the story (BTW, they even made a documentary too).

It all starts in 1732 with a man you may have heard of: Mr. Benny Franklin.

History of Content Marketing 2016

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Author: Kris Cook
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