Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing is a marketing process used to gain brand awareness, and traffic, via several social media platforms.

People often use Social Media to discover new content, such as news articles or helpful tips and tricks. This makes it the ideal place to harbour your content and have it discovered by new customers each and every day. There are also several SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) benefits that can be processed through having the right content shared throughout social media.

Many of us use Social Media to perform searches, again looking to discover new content. It is these social connections that can bring your business to the top of these searches, which will have a major impact on the reliability the user places on its source.

Social Media Marketing is about finding the right platforms to best engage your target audience. These social platforms are not just restricted to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but also forums, boards, and third-party websites.

Why Businesses Need Social Media Marketing Services

Targeted Traffic

Links on a site such as Reddit can attract 15,000 views in a single weekend or StumbleUpon can take a page been seen a handful of times and quickly turn it into a couple of thousand. There are more sites than Facebook that are best noted for their ability to target certain audiences.

Users Are More Receptive

Customers using Facebook and Twitter are viewing them as social networks and not a marketing channels. This means they are less likely to view your post as an advertisement and are therefor more likely to want to hear what you have to say. Just make sure it is worth listening to!

Build Brand Loyalty

Recent reports suggest that brands with active social media account have more loyal customers. This makes sense; when you engage with somebody you are viewed as less like a corporation but more like a personalised business that values it’s customers.

How We Can Help


Need help developing a social media strategy based on your end goals? We can build your social presence from scratch and help you to find the best approach possible to your business.

Brand Management

Your brand is important so we will guarantee that our social media team will always be on hand to turn potential customer problems into personal praise.

Business Tone

The ways in which businesses use social media varies greatly. We are here to help you find the right tone of voice for your business as well as a style that best portrays you as a honest and professional business.

Social Media Monitoring

Using the latest software we will search social networks, making sure to fully understand who’s talking about you and whether it is in a positive light. This means that you are always ahead of the conversation and ready to contribute when needed.

Content Management

Managing the content that is published under your businesses name is of the up-most importance. Consistently offering highly informative articles and information to your audience will quickly build both trust and a position of influence within your industry.

Reporting & Analysis

Analysing your marketing results is key to maximising future efforts, from the number of users who read your articles to the number of shares, all the way up to the number of customers gained and the profit that they brought to your business.

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