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Hi, I’m Kris Cook and as an Internet Marketing Consultant I have one goal; to make your business better off than before you met me.

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The most important issue facing any small business is growth. How do I grow my business without the risk of failure? How do I charge more from my current clients? How do I succeed?

If you are asking these questions then you are not alone.

When I first began freelancing back in 2011, I found it difficult to attract new prospects. I had no way understanding of how I could ‘get them’ as a client, let alone do some work for them. After thinking about this situation long and hard it hit me…


What value do I offer my clients? Now I am not talking about doing work on the cheap, or paying for everyone’s lunch. I am talking about true intrinsic value.

How do I nurture clients to ease them into the buying process? By offering them answers to their questions at every turn they take.

To begin with this was a tough process with a lot of learning but email marketing proved time and time again to be the best solution.

You see, by offering potential clients free information month-in month-out, I could start to build their trust. This means that when a problem did arise in their business I was the first person they would turn to because my email address was sat in their inboxes. Not only that, I was also recommended to their colleagues, even though they had never done business with me before, because they trusted my judgement.

Alongside this method I also built;

A Professional Website – to sign post users towards and offer them additional information on myself and how I can help them. If you don’t have a website at the moment then you will want to read this.

A strong local SEO base – This is necessary to bring in local clients who I can then meet face-to-face with in a consultation. By doing this I am humanising myself and the industry I work in unlike other businesses who are machines so to speak.

Both of these combine to be the most efficient way to dominate competition within your local area.

Time to get excited…

If your business sells either a product or a service (which in order to survive I’m guessing you do) then internet marketing is for you.

As I mentioned above, there are a few ingredients needed in order to grow your business online – a well crafted website, a strong local online presence, and an online marketing system (i.e. email marketing).

With these three combined you can begin to reach out to your local audience, creating a strong brand presence within your community.

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