How I went from running around doing everybody else's dirty work to helping online entrepreneurs build a business they can love.

Before there was a top-ranked online consultant. Before there was an ebook explaning the principles of a successful online business. Before there was a loyal following of blog subscribers… there was a regular yes man.

Eager to please everyone; thinking this is what make a successful businessman.

Scared of making it on my own. I almost felt like a fraud.

Fraud Mentality

I felt as if; what gives me the right to be here?

When starting out on any new venture, whether it be business startups, personal relationships, accomplishments, we can often doubt our own abilities. I certainly did.

This is the most crucial part of learning to understand your position and the importance you can play in your business.

In those moments I never felt that I lacked the necessary skills, but there was the sense of being thrown into the deep-end of the pool. Fundamentally I asked myself ‘Am I a swimmer?’

Also known as the impostor phenomenon it occurs among high achievers who are unable to internalise and accept their success. They often attribute their accomplishments to luck rather than to ability, and fear that others will eventually unmask them as a fraud. Understanding this is key to moving beyond lucky breaks and moving towards working on your current abilities.

For myself I found that talking to younger students allowed me to realise my own expertise and showed me just how far I had come. It also encouraged me to understand what I do well, and where my limitations lie.


Growing a mediocre business using the online world.

When I first started working for myself I just trudged along, getting clients from here and there but most of which didn’t value what I was offering.

After suffering several setbacks I realised that I had to prove my worth.

Not only will this allow for a higher calibre of clients (those that understand how I can help them grow) but also a more loyal client who has a direct interest in their own long-term investment.

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