6 Benefits Of Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Last week we discussed ‘what is email marketing‘, now we’re going to discuss the benefits of email marketing for small businesses.

You might be thinking that email marketing is being done by everybody and because of that you shouldn’t bother. Everyone always complains about their inboxes, right?

But let me tell you, Email Marketing is a strategy that your business cannot afford to ignore Click To Tweet

Emails that offer true value are always read, clicked, shared and most of all profitable.

6 Benefits Of Email Marketing For Small Businesses

1) Build Awareness

Both brand and product awareness is crucial to business success, regardless of industry.

Delivering emails straight into a customer’s inbox accounts for the advertising work done through television commercials or newspaper ads.

2) Up-Sell

By offering customers, for example who recently purchased services, additional offers you’re increasing the likelihood of further sales.

Amazon is an excellent example of a company that is always looking to up-sell every chance they get… and it works.

3) Return On Investment (ROI)

Businesses often choose social media marketing over email marketing. This is usually because they believe social media to be free.

Well if you are going to do both to their maximum potential then they will both incur costs.

The difference is that email marketing is going to cost a monthly fee, opposed to advertising, which you pay for when you want.

Even so, the return on investment is greater than any other marketing tool. Approximately every £1 spent will return £40 in return.

4) Grow Your Network

Build your list by allowing the capture of email addresses through an opt-in box located on your website. An ideal placement would be on your blog.

When a user enters their name and email address they are giving you permission to market to them, via email of course.

Always remember to promote your newsletter via social media, through your website, in products and in your email signature. All these methods offer ways of getting more people to sign up.

5) Less Competitive Than Social Media Marketing

How many emails do you get during an average work day?

Now compare that to the number of updates that appear in your social media feeds. Depending how long you spend on these platforms the updates can reach the thousands.

The likelihood of somebody seeing your email is far higher; as most of us check our emails daily, or in most cases hourly. It also offers your prospects the chance to click an offer that suits their need’s best and receive the information that they want.

6) Reach A New Audience

Your newsletter drives subscribers back to your website by promoting blog posts or even re-purposing old content.

Re-purposing your content allows new visitors to find your articles under the meaning that suits them. E.g. If you have a top ten must have… you can re-purpose it into say, the most wanted… etc.

Sharing this content across social media should be high on your marketing list as it too can drive traffic back to your email subscribers list.

Conclusion – Email Marketing Equals Profit

For us here at Kris Cook Consultancy, email marketing has always been an effective marketing tool, as well as for our clients. New clients, such as yourself, are always reaching out with enquires and past clients reach out with new projects.

A newsletter is one of the great benefits of email marketing for small businesses as it can position you as being an authority leader within your industry. This helps to elevate the trust given to you by new clients.

Have you found success with your newsletter? Has email marketing helped to grow your business or has it been more trouble than it is worth? I’d love to hear your comments below.


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